VISA information

VISA information

About visa to Kazakhstan

Citizens from following countries need to take visa support from Migration Police of the Republic of Kazakhstan: China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Taiwan, Syria, Lebanon, etc.

Visa support charges is 70 usd.

As organizer of exhibition, we will go to Migration Police and apply for visa support.

For this we need

- Passport copy

- Place of work

- Position in the company

- Home address

- When will you arrive and when will turn back

- Kazakh embassy name ( in which city) where are you going to apply

After we get all documents from you, we will go to Migration Police. They will issue visa support in 7 days.

We will send copy of letter by email and you will go to embassy of Kazakhstan to apply for visa.

They will charge you for visa 30-60 usd ( it changes in every country) and it will take 1-7 days.

Please, don’t mix VISA SUPPORT and VISA from Embassy.  Each one is charged separately.